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I want to live till I die. No more, no less.

Gotta Love The Sweet Taste of India, Blame It on The Beat of The Drum

23 August
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311, adam sandler, adult swim, all american rejects, animals, applefest, aqua teen hunger force, arabian nights, art, b&w checkers, barenaked ladies, beastie boys, bill, billy joel, bjork, bob marley, bollywood, buddy, cameras, catch 22, cherry coke, chuck taylors, classic rock, cleo, coheed and cambria, coldplay, computers, converse, counting crows, damien rice, dashboard confessional, dave mathews band, david bowie, def leopard, diet pepsi, drums, eagle eyed cherry, eagles, eddie izzard, family guy, final fantasy, five for fighting, flute, food, friends, fries, futurama, fuzzer, gin blossoms, goo goo dolls, graham norton effect, green day, guns n' roses, guster, hal sparks, hockey, hoobastank, i love the 70's, i love the 80's, i love the 90's, india, india's culture, jack black, james taylor, jem, jews, jimmy eat world, jimmy fallon, jones soda, jurassic 5, katie, katy, led zepplin, linkin park, lostprophets, mad caddies, manny legace, maroon 5, matchbox 20, men without hats, michigan, mighty ducks, mighty mighty bosstones, mike vernon, monty python, movies, music, mustard plug, my animals, my house, new found glory, oasis, oboe, patsy cline, photography, pictures, pink floyd, planet smashers, pop, punk rock, queen, reading, red hot chilli pepers, red wings, reel big fish, richard cheese, ricki, rob niedermayer, rock, rock and roll, rockapella, sailor moon, sarcasm, saris, scooby doo, sex pistols, ska, slash, snowboarding, soccer, spin doctors, sports, stanely cup, suburban legends, sugarcult, summer, swimming, switchfoot, taj mahal, taproot, tenacious d, the killers, the simpsons, the surreal life, the verve pipe, tigger, tom felton, tracy chapman, trapt, traveling, tv, van helsing, vanilla ice, velvet revolver, vh1, viva la bam, weird al, wheatus, winter, yellow card